Khloé Kardashian tense with Kris Jenner: ‘You’re spiralling’

It appears that the tension between Kris Jenner and Khloé Kardashian has reached an unprecedented level.

On a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” the two engaged in a heated argument, primarily focusing on Kris’s managerial abilities and her perceived shortcomings in handling Khloé’s career.

The dispute ignited after Kris, aged 67, suggested that Khloé, aged 39, should embark on a podcast as her “next chapter” in life.

Kris expressed her admiration for Khloé, noting her humor, intelligence, articulateness, and her ability to connect with people. She stated, “I would love to listen to Khloé’s point of view on so many different things.”

In response, Khloé brought up the importance of weighing the “risk versus reward.” She used her stepdad Caitlyn Jenner as an example, highlighting the potential pitfalls of discussing sensitive topics.

Khloé explained, “Let’s just say I’m talking about Caitlyn, and I accidentally say ‘Bruce’ for a second. I would know it’s an innocent mistake, but it wouldn’t be with malicious intent. That little thing that seems so innocent, I could be annihilated for.”

Kris acknowledged her daughter’s concerns but encouraged Khloé to overcome her fears by utilizing her confidence.

“You are only there until the contract is signed, and then you dissipate until you want to bring me the next contract,” Kris remarked. She went on to express the challenges she faces as a manager, the sleepless nights, and the efforts to rectify any mistakes.

Khloé then voiced her chief frustration with her mother, emphasizing the lack of follow-through after a task is completed, especially in her role as Khloé’s manager.

In response, Kris countered, asserting that Khloé was not comprehending her perspective and accused her of spiraling emotionally.

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