Meghan Markle Finally Reveals the Two Royals Who Questioned Her Baby’s Skin Color

As Omid Scobie’s highly anticipated book, “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” prepares to make its debut on shelves, the Royal Family finds itself on the brink of unprecedented revelations that threaten to unravel the very fabric of the Firm.

Perhaps the most shocking claim in Scobie’s book is Meghan Markle’s revelation that two members of the royal household expressed concerns about the potential skin color of her unborn child with Prince Harry. The identities of these individuals remain concealed, bound by UK privacy laws, adding an air of mystery to the explosive revelation.

According to reports by Daily Mail, Scobie unveils an ongoing “cold war” between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles III, despite occasional olive branches extended by Harry, such as birthday wishes. While Harry appears willing to mend fences, Meghan adamantly refuses any prospect of returning to the UK, solidifying their residence in California after stepping down as senior working royals in 2020.

The book paints a portrait of King Charles III as an unpopular monarch, contrasting him with the ambitious Prince William, who allegedly cooperates with the media to undermine his brother. Scobie’s narrative suggests that Camilla is willing to go to great lengths to protect her image, raising questions about the dynamics within the royal household.

Scobie’s exploration of the relationship dynamics within the family extends to William and Kate, indicating that they found amusement in a South Park episode mocking Harry and Meghan. William’s refusal to reconcile with his brother is depicted as a sign of the Cambridges being trapped in a system that resists change.

The book highlights a fierce rivalry between Charles and William, with the heir to the throne eager to modernize the institution. Scobie warns of potential conflicts arising from their divergent views on the monarchy’s future.

Delving into Charles’ association with his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew, the book scrutinizes the fallout from Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Scobie is critical of the royal family’s response to racism claims, emphasizing the need for the monarchy to adapt to contemporary values.

Allegations surface that Charles was incensed when Harry and Meghan secured their Netflix deal without consulting him, leading the king to reportedly label his son a “fool.” The book questions the portrayal of Kate’s achievements, suggesting she is trapped in a system that infantilizes her, making her an ideal but restricted future queen consort.

Scobie argues that the Sussexes’ commercial success and talent pose a threat to the royal family’s traditional image. Their deals with Spotify and Netflix are portrayed as sources of insecurity within the monarchy.

The breakdown of the once-close bond between William and Harry is dissected in the book, with Scobie hinting at irreparable damage due to ongoing tensions. Despite his reputation for sympathetic coverage of Harry and Meghan, Scobie maintains that he did not collaborate with the Sussexes on this latest exposé, adding another layer of intrigue to a narrative poised to reshape perceptions of the Royal Family.

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